Sunday Scaries Review

For those of you who may not know what “sunday scaries” are, it is the feeling of dread you typically get at the end of every Sunday when you know that Monday is coming. So instead of enjoying the remaining hours of your weekend, you just feel stressed, nervous, and anxious. Sometimes this can get so bad that you can lose sleep which leaves you stressed on a brand new Monday. Fortunately, these are conditions that CBD can address.

Getting rid of these awful vibes and replacing them with a chill, relaxed feeling seems to be the unique selling proposition of Sunday Scaries. When you look around the website, you’ll see that the company is all about the chillax lifestyle. Their witty content will keep you browsing around and even get you reading product descriptions. Hats off to their writer!

As you can see, Sunday Scaries wants its target market to know that it’s not just another CBD company. According to its owners, they are not out just to sell CBD products. Rather, they are on a mission to change how people live their lives. 

The products

You’d be hard-pressed to come across a CBD company that doesn’t have CBD oil and gummies and of course, Sunday Scaries has theirs. However, they do have a couple of interesting products that only they carry.

One thing I noticed is that they cleverly bundled their products in such a way that they include items that can give you a boost or take the edge off at the time of day that you need it. This makes sense since CBD can relax and also make you more focused and alert depending on the dose. Personally, I think these would make good gift items that you can give to practically anyone.

CBD oil and gummies

According to their website, Sunday Scaries uses CBD oil from hemp farmed in Colorado and processed all within the US. Like any reputable CBD company, you can find the CoA of the oil they use on their products under their Lab Results page. The results are very reassuring since it shows that their oil contains no THC, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and other harmful compounds. This is all the information you need from a CBD company to decide if you want to buy their products. 

What’s unique about Sunday Scaries is that they also use a subscription model on their bundles. This makes the subscription cheaper than just buying one package or product. To give you an idea how it works, take a look at the 5 CBD product packages they offer:

    • Dawn To Yawn (1 bottle CBD Gummies + 1 bottle Vegan AF + 1 CBD tincture) – This pack is supposed to give you different dosages of CBD throughout the day, depending on your mood or stress levels. You can take the gummies to pick you up and chill you out then the tincture at the end of the day to wind down.
    • Dynamic Duo (1 bottle CBD Gummies + 1 bottle Vegan AF) – This is basically Sunday Scaries gummies package. Good for sharing with a vegan friend. 
    • Man’s Best Friend (1 bottle CBD Gummies + 1 bag FOMO bones) – Looks like a good gift pack for dog lovers.
    • Side Piece (1 bottle CBD Gummies + 1 CBD tincture) – This looks like a SS’s one-two punch CBD combo where you supplement the tincture if the gummies aren’t enough.
    • Full Chill (1 bottle CBD Gummies + 1 bottle Vegan AF + 1 CBD tincture + 1 bag FOMO bones) – It’s got all you need for you and your pet to chillax.

To set their CBD products a little bit apart from the competition, Sunday Scaries adds Vitamins D3 and B12 to their CBD. They also use coconut oil as the carrier oil and organic stevia as the sweetener.

Sunday Scaries offers subscription packages for all its gummies and tinctures. If you don’t want to get a subscription, you can always opt for a bundle of two or three, since those would still be cheaper.

Energy shots, candies, bath bombs

CBD and energy drinks seem like two opposite things and yet here we have Sunday Scaries YOLO Shots. But it does make sense since energy drinks usually give you jitters. The CBD in this will probably take the edge off. I must admit, these flavors look pretty enticing. 

I’m not much for candy but I must say that their Unicorn Jerky intrigues me the most. If there’s a product on Sunday Scaries website that represents the company the most, this could be it. As described on its page, the Unicorn Jerky is a “party in your mouth.”. There’s also a bit of a sad story behind the Unicorn Jerky that you may want to check out. By the way, every dollar from each purchase of the jerky goes to a good cause.

Bath bombs are also loads of chill and fun. Similarly, Sunday Scaries’s bath bombs also reflect the company’s personality. I can imagine that their multicolored gummy bear bath bombs would make a good gift to those who could use some chillax in their lives (hello, stressed out moms!)

Top 5 products 

  1. CBD Gummies with Vitamins (207 reviews)
  2. Vegan CBD Gummies with Vitamins (60 reviews)
  3. CBD Oil Tincture with Vitamins (43 reviews)
  4. CBD Energy Shot with Vitamins (12 reviews)
  5. CBD Bath Bombs with Vitamins (4 reviews)


If you are a fun-loving, chill person, Sunday Scaries would probably be your CBD shop. It’s difficult to make CBD any better and now that there are so many competitors in the market, it can be hard for companies to stand out. To me, it looks like Sunday Scaries wants to offer a particular lifestyle or mindset along with its CBD products. This is actually a good way to separate themselves from the crowd.   

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