Savage CBD Review

You would not normally associate the word “savage” with CBD.  After all, CBD is calming, relaxing, and pain-relieving. But I guess I would understand why Savage CBD named their company as such. This Irvine CA-based company seems to be targeting the younger, more “hip”, vaping consumer demographic, at least from what I can tell based on their product lineup and label designs. In essence, I think the company basically wants to show that they are here to satisfy the demands of “savage” buyers who are hungry for high-quality CBD.

The company   

The company goes by the tagline of “transparency wins.” Transparency is indeed very important for a CBD company since there’s no industry authority that can keep the quality of CBD products in check. Savage CBD says they make it a point to be transparent so that their clients can trust them. They do this by publishing information on their CBD products on their blog and by providing third-party lab test results. In particular, they want to educate their customers on where their CBD is sourced, how it is processed, and what they test for. 

I must say that Savage CBD’s lab results are very complete. According to them, they source their hemp from popular hemp-growing states like Wisconsin, Colorado, and Oregon. They also occasionally import from Europe. They use the CO2 extraction method and test their raw extract and all products for all the necessary things: residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological impurities, and foreign matter, in addition to cannabinoid and terpene content. Expectedly, their products pass all these tests.

The products 

Savage CBD has an impressive product lineup that seems to be focused on the needs of CBD vapers and smokers. Here’s a list for their product categories:

  1. Cartridges
  2. Concentrates
  3. Disposable pens
  4. Edibles and drinks
  5. Flowers
  6. Pet products
  7. Oil tinctures
  8. Gels
  9. Topicals
  10. Vape juice

They have a number of products under each category as well. Their product packaging, particularly the ones for their vape products, looks like something that would go on a cologne bottle. I can see that it would appeal to the younger and trendier crowd.  

Expectedly, their vape flavors are also named sort of like colognes. Take a look at their top 5 best-selling ones and see if you can guess the flavors from their names:

  1. Driven (10 reviews)
  2. Passion (8 reviews)
  3. Serene (6 reviews)
  4. Hustle (3 reviews)
  5. Tranquil (3 reviews)

If you think Passion is passionfruit-flavored, try again. Driven is blueberry and sour razzmatazz while Passion is watermelons and pink candy with sour notes. Meanwhile, Hustle tastes like a freshly baked raspberry cookie with frosting and Serene is apples with a bit of sour. Lastly, Tranquil is a tropical blend of mangos, coconuts, and blood orange.

Their cartridges and pens are much easier to figure out. Here are some of their top flavors:


  1. Berry Mint (4 reviews)
  2. Mango Citrus (3 reviews)
  3. Strawberry Melon (2 reviews)


  1. Pineapple Blast (5 reviews)
  2. Strawberry Citrus (1 review)
  3. Natural Full-Spectrum CBD 

They also have a lean selection of CBD hemp flowers. There are only two flavors: Lifter Sauce and Richie Rich which are ideal for those who are just getting into smokable hemp. 

For those who want the concentrated stuff for dabbing, they have the Pineapple Express Full-Spectrum CBD shatter. However, their website does not say if it does indeed taste like the famous marijuana strain of the same name.

The standard stuff

Even if Savage CBD is geared towards vapers and smokers, they also have a selection of the standard stuff that you can usually find in every CBD store like CBD oil tinctures, softgel capsules , gummies. Their oil tinctures come in the following flavors: Orange, Lemon Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Peach Pear, Cucumber Mint. You can even in a Mix & Match Bundle pack. Strangely enough, they don’t have a regular CBD tincture that doesn’t have a flavor. I suppose they don’t need that anyway since it can be purchased just about anywhere else.

CBD topicals, drinks, pet products & topicals

Savage CBD does have a good number of items that you can only get from them. Here are some that I’m personally looking to buy soon: 

  1. Revive CBD Wellness shot
  2. CBD Pink Lemonade – Also available in Lemonade and Orange-ade
  3. Detox CBD Epsom Salts – They also have Revitalize and Relax

The pet industry is big business so almost all CBD companies will have their own line of pet products. Savage CBD has three: a CBD spray, shampoo, and treats. You can get these separately but it might be cheaper to get their Ultimate CBD Pet Bundle.

If you’re curious as to what the pet CBD spray does, it’s just Savage CBD’s full-spectrum extract in a spray bottle for easy spraying on your pet’s food or drink.

Savage CBD also has a decent offering of topicals. Aside from epsom salts that I’ve already mentioned, they also have balms, aloe vera, lavender citrus lotions, sunscreen, and roll on’s that contain full-spectrum CBD.


Savage CBD is a pretty solid company that is sure to attract CBD users who are just getting into vaping or smoking CBD. Their vape juices and tincture do have come nice flavors that you can’t exactly find anywhere else and that’s probably what their customers will keep coming back to. Personally, I also find their epsom salts to be particularly enticing. 

Another thing that puts Savage CBD a notch is that they offer wholesale prices to businesses like vape shops and dispensaries. They also provide order tracking on their website, which is pretty convenient. All in all, Savage CBD’s products and services add up to make them a tough competitor in the CBD industry.

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