Octagon Biolabs Review

Octagon Biolabs is an international CBD company with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Manchester, England. It claims to offer the world’s best full-spectrum CBD hemp oil products by sourcing hemp which has been cultivated, harvested, and processed in the USA. For an international company, I noticed that they only had a handful of products. However, I suppose that this is in line with the company’s mission to deliver “pure, clean, and powerful” CBD. Octagon Biolabs seems to be intent on providing CBD only in its most effective forms and focus on quality over quantity.

The company, the process & CBD testing

Octagon Biolabs is one of the bigger competitors in the CBD products industry. The company has also built significant expertise in nutritional research, product development, and innovation. According to our recent interview with their founder, they source their hemp only from top licensed farmers in the USA who know how to harvest their hemp at the peak of potency. 

Where the CBD comes from

Octagon Biolabs also uses naturally-grown hemp solely for the purposes of CBD extraction. These plants receive natural sunlight and rain while their roots run deep into the ground. Octagon Biolabs then extracts full-spectrum CBD oil from these plants using supercritical CO2 extraction, a process recognized in the industry as the best way to extract CBD. The resulting extract is then nano-emulsified for better absorption and higher bioavailability.

In comparison, standard sublingual CBD has liquid droplets of 100 to 5,000 nanometers while Octagon Labs emulsifies its CBD down to only 25 nanometers. According to their founder, this makes their CBD more potent, undenatured, and fully active and also free of harsh chemicals, contaminants, or toxins.

Third-party lab results

According to Octagon Biolabs founder Kevin Hwang, all of their products have to go through strict quality control standards. They also have their raw oil and all other products tested by a third-party organization. 

However, most other companies that we’ve reviewed usually publish the test results of their products on their website. For some reason, Octagon Biolabs does not have their results on theirs.

The products  

As mentioned earlier, Octagon Biolabs only has a handful of products. The company is focused more on the production of pure, high-potency CBD rather than selling an assortment of CBD-based products. Given that the company’s slogan is “Pure. Clean. Powerful”, it looks like CBD products that need a whole bunch of other ingredients is something Octagon Biolabs does not want to go into for the time being. 

Nano-emulsified CBD

I think what separates Octagon Biolabs’ from its competitors is their nano-emulsified CBD. If you want to know more about the advantages of nano CBD, check out our post on 5 Benefits of Water Soluble CBD. The basic idea behind this is that smaller CBD droplets would be better absorbed since CBD is not water-soluble. Ideally, what the industry wants is a way to make it water-soluble so the body, which is around 60% water, can readily absorb it. Until the technology is developed to make CBD truly water-soluble, the next best option is nano CBD. It can permeate better into human tissue which also makes it particularly effective in CBD topicals. 

Additionally, their CBD extract is full-spectrum. This means it is more or less complete with all other cannabinoids and terpenes with the exception of THC of course. Compared to isolates or broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum extracts can give you the “entourage effect” which means the effect which makes the medicinal impact of the whole plant greater than the sum of its parts.

The products

Octagon Biolabs’ CBD Hemp oil is also organic and uses hemp seed oil as a carrier oil with natural peppermint oil and stevia for flavor. Their hemp oil is priced at $249 for a 3000mg tincture bottle. This amounts to $0.083 per mg, which is decently priced, considering that it is nano-emulsified CBD. For comparison, one of the most expensive oils is around $0.216 while the cheapest is $0.033. 

This nano CBD extract also goes into their CBD softgel capsules, which is the more convenient way of taking CBD so you won’t get the dose wrong. Meanwhile, their CBD balm contains a unique blend of beeswax, MCT oil, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil which is sure to calm and relax without being too overpowering.

Octagon Biolabs also offers its own twist in their pet CBD product. Cat and Dog CBD contains the company’s full-spectrum CBD oil that they’ve formulated especially for pets. It also contains natural beef liver extract to make it more appetizing to cats and dogs. 


If you’re looking for pure, high-potency CBD oil then Octagon Biolabs is a company definitely worth considering. They have a large scale operation that specializes only in the production of CBD extracted from organic, outdoor-grown USA hemp. In most cases, you would want to buy from a company that does only one thing particularly well. This is true for Octagon Biolabs. The fact that they even offer discounts for bundles of 2 or 3 makes them an even more attractive option for CBD.  

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