Nutricanna Review

CBD and hemp growing has definitely been one of the most lucrative ventures in the health and wellness space in the last few years. Because of this, the market is now crowded with players, each one struggling to outdo everybody else. You’d think that in this kind of market, big companies would easily push smaller businesses out of the race. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with CBD. All CBD businesses, big or small, are essentially just selling the same thing which is CBD. It’s difficult to make pure CBD any better and when it comes to natural health supplements and remedies. When it comes to products like these, consumers would always prefer those made with extra care over mass-produced stuff. This is where businesses like Nutricanna come in.

The company & third-party testing

Based in Baca County, Colorado, Nutricanna focuses on organically farming their hemp, focusing on quality over quantity. They base their farming principles on the foundations of permaculture which means they only use methods that are natural and sustainable. This kind of farming cares and enriches both the crops and the environment it is grown in. 

This all sounds very ideal but as you may expect, quality comes at a bit of a price. If you’re looking for an assortment of CBD products like bath bombs and pet treats, you won’t get it at Nutricanna. They are not that kind of company and for a good reason: their only focus is on producing premium CBD. 

One thing that seems lacking, however, is their third-party product testing. All of their products have a Certificate of Analysis on its page but the results only show the cannabinoid content and nothing else. From what I can see, no tests have been done to check for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, harmful compounds, or microorganisms. Maybe they did test for it and did not publish it since the result came back negative anyway? I’m just not sure but it might be better if they can test for those things as well in the future.

Another point is that Nutricanna doesn’t seem to have any information on their extraction process. This is actually important information that helps buyers’ decisions and I think it should be placed somewhere more obvious on the website. 

The products

As mentioned, Nutricanna’s focus is delivering premium CBD that has been organically and sustainably farmed. It can be difficult to mass-produce CBD this way. Besides, CBD produced in this manner does not deserve to be diluted which is why Nutricanna only has 3 kinds of products.

CBD topicals

Nutricanna’s CBD Salve is pretty standard. It is a cooling and relaxing salve that contains lavender and eucalyptus essential oils with coconut oil, shea butter, isolate hemp extract, and beeswax. This product is vegan and can also be used on dogs.

CBD oils

Nutricanna’s flagship product is its CBD Oil Tincture. This is their broad-spectrum CBD in its most pristine, ready-to-use form which only contains MCT oil and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. However, some people find it hard to take CBD in its natural flavor which is why Nutricanna also has another variant that contains natural peppermint extract

CBD edibles

Lastly, they also have their own CBD Gummies like all other CBD companies. However, the difference is that these premium gummies are loaded with Nutricanna’s broad-spectrum CBD. One tube comes with gummies in Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Sour Red Apple with 10mg of CBD per piece. 

Nutricanna’s CBD strains

One interesting thing about Nutricanna’s CBD is that they extract it from specific strains. You’ll definitely like them if you’re a CBD user who also has an appreciation for smokable hemp and cannabis. Currently, they are using Suver Haze which has an exotic sour apple flavor that comes from its farnsene and betacaryophyllene terpene content. Previously, they used Cherry Remedy, Cherry Wine, and Purple Trump. These strains will immediately ring a bell to those who smoke hemp or marijuana. 

Another thing that may turn consumer’s heads is the fact that they have a Buy One, Get One promo on all of their products. This is a huge consideration since their CBD price is already some of the lowest among the popular brands. This is because Nutricanna’s CBD is just priced at around $0.033 per mg, based on their 1800mg tincture bottle. 


There will always be consumers who will gravitate towards products that have been made with care and sustainability in mind. This is especially true for “natural” products like CBD. If you’re the type of buyer who likes trying out various kinds of CBD products, even those novelty ones, Nutricanna may not be for you. But if you’re looking for conscientiously-made broad-spectrum CBD oil, then they are definitely worth checking out. 

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