Miracle Nutritional Products Review

Miracle Nutritional Products is a global producer of CBD products. According to their website, they are one of the largest manufacturers in the world but their products were only distributed to wholesalers and healthcare professionals. With the recent launching of their website, they are now offering their CBD directly to consumers. 

MNP has a good selection of CBD products on their website. They seem to have at least one product that a CBD user may want but unlike most other CBD shops, MNP’s offerings are somewhat unique. First, let’s take a look at some of their products that most other CBD companies also have:

Standard stuff: Gummies, tinctures, & capsules

These are some of the usual products that you’ll find in other CBD stores and here is Miracle Nutritional Products version of them:


  • Organic gummies – also comes in Sugar-free or Vegan variants

  • CBD Tinctures – comes in Pharma-grade (pure CBD, less than 0.3% THC), Full Spectrum, and Cannabis Super Oil variants. Available in 300mg to 2500mg bottles.

  • Capsules – comes in pills or softgels

  • CBD isolate crystals

Based on the price of their 2500mg tincture bottle, Miracle Nutritional Products’ CBD seems to sit on the cheaper side at $0.062/mg. The cheapest is currently around $0.020 while the most expensive is around $120. 

It’s interesting to see that their tinctures and some of their products have a Certificate of Analysis but not all. Furthermore, the CoA only shows the cannabinoid content of the product, but there are no results for heavy metals, contaminants, or microorganism content. Also, while the company says that their CBD is extracted using the supercritical CO2 method, they do not explicitly reveal where they source their hemp.

Unique finds: Edibles, drinks & topicals

Edibles and topicals are pretty common products and MNP also offer various CBD creams, and lotions. However, they also have a few interesting items that are worth trying out:

  • CBD anti-aging serum and cream

  • Tattoo medic CBD oil – for treating freshly tattooed skin

  • Flavored CBD lip balms – in Blue Raspberry, Peppermint, Vanilla, and Cherry

  • CBD hot chocolate

  • CBD lollipops – for those with a sweet tooth. Comes in Grape Soda, Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, Wild Cherry, Orange Creamsicle, and Root Beer flavors.

Some of our top pics from these categories would be the following:

  • CBD Hangover recovery shots – in Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Fruit Punch. This definitely helps the morning after a hard night.  

  • CBD Canna crunch gluten-free granola – CBD and granola, what’s not to like?

  • RedBear Energy Gummies

Strangely enough, MNP is a bit lacking in the pet products department, having only CBD dog biscuits. But I’m sure the company recognizes the huge demand for CBD pet products and will likely offer more in the future. The company also offers a bunch of apparel and promotional items that look like good giveaway items for MNP retailers.


Seeing MNP’s product lineup, it seems the company is more focused on manufacturing and wholesaling rather than expanding its product line and retailing. However, it does have all the essential CBD products covered. It would be helpful though, to see a product rating and review on their website. We are also hoping that the company would update their About Us page to include more information on their address and contact details.  


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