LolaHemp Review

At present, there are few studies that go deep into the effects of CBD on animals. Because of this, it’s likely that the benefits of CBD on pets were discovered through the experimentation of their owners. Through this, it was also discovered that CBD is generally safe and does not cause major adverse effects on animals. However, THC is not as well tolerated. This can be a problem since some CBD products for humans contain trace amounts of THC in them. Thankfully, this is where CBD companies like LolaHemp come in. LolaHemp only sells CBD products made for pets, specifically dogs. Now you may ask “Isn’t CBD for humans and animals pretty much the same?” 

According to LolaHemp, this is specifically the reason why they went into business. Many in the cannabis community would say that full-spectrum oils are the best kind of extracts since they offer what is called the “entourage effect”. This means that cannabis compounds work synergistically and have a greater effect compared to individual compounds. The owners of LolaHemp said that most full-spectrum oils for pets now on the market were not up to their standards, so they decided to make their own.

Companies like LolaHemp are a big help since pet owners can just shop without worries and check out. They no longer have to scrutinize labels to check if the product worry is safe to use on animals or if they are getting the right product. Convenience and trust are factors that can boost sales tremendously and these are what pet owners get when they shop at LolaHemp.

The company

The company, which was named after the owner’s pet chihuahua, Lola, is involved with a lot of animal rescue nonprofits. This is a good sign when dealing with a pet product company since these partnerships practically serve as endorsements from reputable organizations. At present, LolaHemp is partnered with 9 animal rescue organizations in the US.         

In addition to this, they also use third-party testing for their products. LolaHemp’s lab tests page shows that their CBD oil was extracted from organically grown hemp. It also does not contain heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and other harmful bacteria or compounds. Their products are also THC-free. 

When you look at it, these are the only two reasons you’ll need when checking out a pet CBD company and LolaHemp has got it covered.

The products  

When I checked out LolaHemp’s product lineup, I was surprised to see that they only offer two kinds. They only have CBD oil and a topical balm. However, I think I understand the reason for this. According to the company’s owner, they began LolaHemp after they successfully treated their pet chihuahua’s debilitating nervousness. In my opinion, a pet owner only really needs good CBD oil and topicals for their pets. These are by far the most cost-effective ways of using CBD to manage conditions like aggressive behavior, anxiety, stress, appetite problems, and various skin problems. From this, it seems like LolaHemp is a kind of company that doesn’t want to offer their customers fluff and instead focuses on quality over quantity. 

CBD oil and topicals

There are actually just 4 products on LolaHemp’s website: CBD oil in 600mg/60ml, 300mg/30ml, and 150mg/15ml bottles and a CBD topical balm. All products are made from LolaHemp’s organic, non-GMO full-spectrum CBD oil which is extracted using the CO2 process.

LolaHemp’s CBD oil is as undiluted as it comes since it just contains pure CBD in fractionated coconut carrier oil. Their paraben-free CBD balm is also all-natural and made of beeswax, sunflower oil, shea butter, Vitamin E, and aloe leaf juice. 

LolaHemp offers its products in a monthly membership-based model where you can save 15%. They also donate 1 item to their partner organizations for every 4 items sold. This is a worthy cause to support for any pet lover. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer service support. 

Another helpful thing on their website is their pet CBD dosing guide which can be seen on the product page. It is often a subject that pet owners new to CBD need help with and LolaHemp put it in an image that is easy to understand. Likewise, customers can also get a lot of helpful related info on their blog.  


LolaHemp is CBD company for pet and dog lovers who are looking for no-nonsense, high-quality CBD oil. They are a small, pet-loving company that seems to be focused on delivering quality products and supporting worthy causes. When it comes to pet products, a company’s integrity and reputation are very important. This means that when you buy at LolaHemp, you know you are buying a product that the owner would also give to the animals they love.   

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