Interview with Founder of Octagon Biolabs

We recently got to speak with the founder of Octagon Biolabs, Kevin Hwang, where he shared with us his thoughts on CBD, his company and their products, and where it is headed. 

Octagon Biolabs is an international CBD company with offices in Las Vegas, USA, and Manchester, UK. The company’s mission is to produce and sell highly pure, high potency CBD which goes into just a handful of products. Their product lineup is very focused, perhaps to preserve quality and to provide customers CBD only in its most effective forms. 

What’s the origin story of Octagon Biolabs and why did you decide to get into CBD as a business?

We, the founders of Octagon Biolabs, are avid fitness and health advocates. The approach in our personal lives has always been achieving maximum health through clean living, active lifestyles, and natural diets and supplements.

We discovered CBD several years ago after searching for a holistic remedy for pain and inflammation. Both of us had chronic pain from past injuries that would occasionally interfere with our life. We found CBD worked wonders for us therapeutically, yet was unknown to most of the world. We launched Octagon Biolabs to educate the public on CBD and help make it accessible to those who needed it.

With all the different applications for CBD, what do you think has the most promising future either based on your experience or research? 

Most of CBD’s proclaimed benefits have been anecdotal thus far. But in the years to come, we should see solid research confirming what CBD can and cannot do due to the lifting of restrictions against studying cannabinoids. We think CBD will become more prominent in the treatment of seizures, pain, anxiety and sleep disorders as the research proves its effectiveness. Its usage will no longer be seen as an alternative therapy but integrated into therapy.

The CBD market has been expanding rapidly these few years and can be found all over the internet and health stores. What makes your products different from all the other CBD products out there?  

Pure, Clean and Powerful. That is the Octagon Biolabs slogan.

First and foremost, because many people use CBD daily, we were adamant about keeping our products free of all potentially harmful substances such chemicals, contaminants and toxins. We do not use artificial flavorings, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents.

Secondly, our CBD is sourced exclusively from high CBD strains of organic hemp. Through our partnership with experienced, knowledgeable and licensed farmers, we are able to acquire the most nutrient dense plants at the peak of potency. These plants are grown specifically to be rich in CBD and other cannabinoids. Our hemp is cultivated, harvested and processed in Colorado, USA.

Finally, we opted for the most cutting-edge technology in extraction and filtration to ensure all the components of hemp remain potent, completely undenatured, and fully active. Our CBD is emulsified to 25 nanometers for superior liposomal delivery. The miniaturized droplets means our CBD extracts yield increased absorption, higher bioavailability and ultimately, greater effectiveness.

We have a strict quality control program that tests each batch of product. Our CBD and phytonutrient content is confirmed by independent laboratory tests

What’s next for your company? (any new products, partnerships you want to talk about)

We have been very fortunate to be supported by doctors, health practitioners and fitness and nutrition professionals who believe in our products and our mission. With so many CBD companies out there, we are very proud that experts in their respective industries choose us as their trusted brand. We hope to continue and expand upon these relationships in the future.


Our product line has continued to grow based on what our customers demand. The Octagon Biolabs brand consists of full spectrum CBD oil, CBD Softgels, CBD Balm, and Cat & Dog CBD. We have a couple items in development now that will be released in the near future.

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