HandPicked CBD Review

Today we’ll be reviewing our first CBD company from outside the US. HandPicked CBD is a UK-based CBD online retail hub run by a husband and wife team from London. This marketplace is essentially an online storefront that sells various CBD products from a number of brands that the owners have reviewed, thus the name “handpicked”.

The owners say that they only sell CBD products they’ve tried personally or by their community. They also only work with brands whose seed-to-shelf practices they agree with. In particular, HandPicked CBD says that they are looking for companies that:

  • Source organic hemp that has not been treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or heavy metals.
  • Extract their CBD using the supercritical CO2 method.
  • Put all of their CBD products through 3rd party lab testing. 

In essence, HandPicked CBD is a curated list of CBD companies whose products have been vetted by the owners and their peers. This actually offers a lot of value to customers since the CBD industry is unregulated and the marketplace is currently flooded millions of products of questionable quality. 

Consumers will no doubt find a vetted list of high-quality products invaluable, but it’s something that would take a lot of work. HandPicked says that aside from rigorously investigating the vendors that they work with, they also encourage their customers to leave unbiased reviews on all products. In addition to this, they also act on any reviews that warrant attention and even provide a minimum 7-day return period on all products. 

The products  

As an online CBD marketplace, HandPicked has a number of CBD product categories and even more sub-categories. In fact, they have the most number of CBD products of all the CBD companies we’ve reviewed, unsurprisingly since HandPicked is only a reseller and not a producer. 

CBD oils

The first thing I checked out was, of course, their selection of CBD oils which comes in 4 subcategories: drops, sprays, pastes, and water-solubles. One very convenient thing I immediately noticed was the product filters on the left sidebar. Like Amazon’s filters, it allows you to filter their CBD oil tinctures by brand, strength (by mg or percentage), bottle size, flavor, and price. This is very helpful given that HandPicked carries around a hundred CBD oil tinctures.   

Here are HandPicked’s top 5 best selling CBD oil drops

1. Provacan CBD Oil – 10ml | 600mg to 2400mg

2. CBD Brothers Blue Edition CBD Oil (Sativa) | 30ML 1500MG (5%)

3. CBD Brothers Green Edition CBD Oil (Sativa) | 30ML 840MG (2.8%)

4. Love Hemp CBD Oil – 10ml – 300mg to 4000mg

5. CBD Brothers Purple Edition CBD Oil (Hybrid) | 30ml 960mg (3.2%) 

Top best selling CBD spray, paste, water-solubles:

1. Love Hemp CBD Oil Spray – 30ml – 400mg to 1200mg

2. Provacan CBD Paste – 5ml | 2500mg (50%)

3. Alpinols Aqua – 2.5% Full Spectrum water soluble

CBD edibles and drinks


Their edibles section also has a handful of subcategories. But as of now, they only have around 25 items, most of which are CBD capsules. There are a few choices on gummies and chocolates and there is a CBD protein supplement and a health bar. Its a bit surprising that there’s only one pet product on the website, which is a dog treat, considering that pet CBD are usually very saleable items.

HandPicked has a few interesting choices when it comes to CBD drinks. Here are the top 5 that piqued our interest:

1. Botanic Lab Dutch Courage CBD Drink (24 Pack)

2. Re+CBD Botanical Wellness Shot, Tropical Flavour (7 Pack)

3. Trip CBD Elderflower Mint (15mg CBD)7of9

4. CBD Infused Coffee (10mg / Cup)

5. Trip CBD Drink Peach Ginger (15mg CBD)

I guess since HandPicked takes the effort to vet and review every product, it might take a while before their customers see more choices in terms of edibles.  

CBD topicals

HandPicked has a lot more to choose from in its topicals section. This is good because topicals work quite differently from ingestible CBD. Even different kinds of topicals work differently from each other and HandPicked has a diverse selection of balms, creams, bath and beauty products, and even patches. Here are some of our picks from each subcategory:


1. Pure Ratios CBD Patches | 40mg

2. Sample Kit – Soft Gel Capsules, Tincture Oil & CBD + Magnesium Skin Balm

3. fourfivecbd – CBD Thermal Joint Gel

4. Provacan CBD Lip Balm | CBD 3% (135 mg)

5. Provacan Bath Salts 10mg

6. Grass & Co. EASE 250MG CBD Hemp Body Oil14of29

7. CUBID Re:scue Body Butter 100ml

8. Mr NICE ‘Skin Healer’ CBD Bath Bombs

9. Green Stem Hand Cream 100mg CBD

10. Pure Ratios CBD Roll On | 120mg

CBD vapes

Surprisingly, HandPicked only has 9 items under its CBD vape category. I imagine that they would want to add a lot more items here in the future since there is a large number of CBD users who prefer to vape instead of using tinctures. Here are some interesting products that are worth trying out from HandPicked’s current vape offerings:

1. Love Hemp Liquid Terpenes

2. Love Hemp Terpene Infused CBD Crystals

3. Hiatus CBD Vape Pen: “Revive” | Cucumber, Raspberry & Mint1of10

4. Kanger K-Pin Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit and replacement SS0CC Coils


At present, HandPicked CBD is already working with 28 brands, but somehow the selection of products on their website seems to be a little lacking. It’s possible that this may grow in the future since Handpicked is only around one year old. They may also have a stringent vetting and review process that a lot of brands are unable to meet. Another thing is that HandPicked has a comparison tool that allows customers to compare products and the company may not want too many similar products competing with each other. In any case, HandPicked CBD’s picks are worth trying out especially because of their guarantees, discount offers and attention to their customer’s needs. 

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