CBDMd Review

When you first log on to CBDMd’s website, you immediately get a sense that they’re a big company. After scanning their website a little bit more, I found out that they’re actually the first CBD company to be publicly-traded on the NYSE. That is surely a good sign and was actually enough to get me sold. But big companies tend to have higher prices and often, it is the lesser-known competitors that can offer more value for money. In any case, I decided to check out more of their website before ordering.

The company  

CBDMd is a company based in Charlotte, NC. I was expecting to see some information about the company on their About page but in there I only saw marketing talk about their mission, where they source their CBD, and how they extract it. Nothing too specific, but they are a big company with a number of press releases and a lot of info on Google so that’s probably the reason why their About page is like that. 

CBDMd also seems to have a lot of sports partnerships and endorsements. Under CBDMd Nation, you can see videos of the various sports events they’ve been involved in and the athletes that work with them. It makes sense since CBD does help with a lot of conditions that athletes deal with.

The company is also ADA compliant and offers military and disability discounts. I think this is very commendable since these are some of the people who need CBD the most. 

Third-party testing and consumer education

What I particularly found to be impressive about CBDMd’s website is that they have a Certificate of Analysis available for each of their products on their respective pages. The CoAs also have everything you’d want in a CoA: Cannabinoid and terpene analysis, pesticide/heavy metal/solvent test, and more. It was very informative, transparent, and reassuring. 

Additionally, CBDMd has a lot of information on its website intended to educate consumers, which is very commendable as well. This means CBDMd is confident of its products and would like its customers to make informed buying choices.

The products 

As I expected, CBDMd has a solid lineup of products. I would not say they have any of that gimmicky stuff, you’d probably find everything that you’ll need on their website and a little bit more. CBD for pets is also hugely popular and they also carry those too.

Standard stuff – Tinctures, capsules, gummies

CBDMd has a selection of broad-spectrum CBD tinctures that go from 300mg to 7500mg. There are only 4 flavors to choose from: Natural, Berry, Orange, and Mint. As I previously mentioned, I came in assuming that big companies would have pricier products. It seems that this is not quite the with CBDMd. Of the big CBD brands, it definitely not the most expensive since their 7500mg only amounts to $0.045 per mg. To compare, Zilis Ultracell’s CBD oil is somewhere around $0.23 per mg, which is one of the most expensive. CBD’s prices look even more attractive when you consider that their products are also vegan, gluten-free, locally-sourced, non-GMO, and have been third-party tested.

For those who are not fond of taking tinctures, CBDMd also has CBD oil capsules that go from 15mg to 50mg per capsule. These come in softgel and regular capsules which take away the guesswork involved in getting the right dose. 


They also have CBD gummies that come in a tropical mix flavor. There are only 3 doses that come in bottles of 30: 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg. 

Interestingly, they have a CBD tincture specially formulated for sleep. The CBD PM for Sleep is also an “award-winning” product that contains a number of natural ingredients known to induce sleep such as the following:

  • Melatonin
  • Valerian root
  • Passionflower extract
  • Cascade hops
  • Chamomile flower
  • Lemon balm

From the looks of it, this tincture would be a very effective sleep supplement. Reviewers seem to agree since it has 20 4.5 stars.

Topicals, Bath bombs, and Pet products

No decent CBD store would be without a selection of topicals. CBDMd has a lean selection of CBD topicals that will probably cover most shoppers’ needs. They have roll-ons/squeeze tubes, creams, and lotions which seem to be meant for general body pain relief.   

I also recently discovered that CBD bath bombs are actually “the bomb”. The CBD does add to the relaxing experience though I am not sure just how cost-effective it is. In any case, CBDMd also has a total of 6 bath bomb flavors. Whether they are good or not can be kind of subjective since when it comes to flavors and smells, each of us has our own preference.

CBDMd also has a typical selection of pet CBD products which are made mostly for dogs and cats. There are tinctures, treats, chews, even peanut butter, which are pretty standard stuff that pet owners look for. 

I think what’s good about buying pet products from CBDMd is that they assure their customers that the CBD extract that goes into all of their products is THC-free. This is really important for when it comes to pet products since THC is harmful to most animals.

Top 5 products

  1. CBD Tinctures (90 reviews)
  2. CBD Gummies (56 reviews)
  3. CBD Oil Tinctures for Dogs (31 reviews)
  4. CBD Recover Inflammation Cream (27 reviews)
  5. CBD PM for Sleep (20 reviews)


Probably the best thing that I like about CBDMd is how complete their third-party testing is. There’s really no other greater assurance a CBD company can give their customers aside from that. CBDMd’s CoA serves as a good yardstick to which you can measure other the CoA of other companies.

Looking at their products, you can tell that CBDMd is not interested in selling its customers frivolous or gimmicky items. They know what customers need and those are the only things that they sell. 

Lastly, it is really nice to see that they seek to educate their customers and offer military and disability discounts. This just shows what kind of a company CBDMd and the integrity that they put in their products.

Overall, I’d say that you can’t go wrong with any product that comes from CBDMd. It’s a big company that is one of the pioneers in the industry and it’s very likely that they won’t do anything to tarnish the reputation that they’ve already built. 

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