Caliper CBD Review

One of the biggest problems with edible CBD is that the digestive system cannot absorb it efficiently. This is because CBD not water-soluble. Ever since the rise in CBD’s popularity a few years ago, numerous companies have been trying to solve this bioavailability problem of edible CBD with different solutions. However, the CBD industry is still young and largely unregulated and all companies will claim that their products are the most effective. At present, the science behind improving CBD’s solubility is still developing so it’s difficult for consumers to know which brand is actually the most effective.

Caliper is one of the companies that makes water-soluble CBD. According to them, their CBD is 6.5x more absorbed in the first 15 minutes compared with oil-soluble CBD. This was based on a 2019 Colorado State University study. Let’s see exactly what advantages Caliper CBD offers over its competitors.

The product

Caliper only has one product which is their CBD powder. Caliper CBD comes in 600mg box which contains 30 x 20mg packets and 200mg boxes containing 10 x 20mg packets. The boxes cost $49.99 and $24.99 respectively. Having CBD in exact 20 mg doses is very convenient. Imagine if you can carry a couple of packets in your bag and tear one or two up to add to your food or drink. No more fumbling with awkward droppers with icky tasting tinctures.

Caliper’s CBD comes as an unflavored, dissolvable powder and there are no other variants aside from this. This CBD product would be perfect for both personal and commercial use. Since Caliper does wholesale, they would be a good source of bulk CBD for food companies that need a tasteless CBD additive to their products. Caliper’s CBD powder is also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and does not require refrigeration. It is also kosher and completely sourced and processed within the US, specifically Commerce City, CO. 

Most importantly, all of Caliper’s CBD products go through testing by a third-party laboratory. Their Certificate of Analysis may not be as detailed compared to other companies but they do test for all the essentials like cannabinoid, microbiological, heavy metal, and pesticide content. As expected, Caliper’s powdered CBD passes all these tests. 


Caliper seems to have built its expertise on the commercial production and wholesaling of CBD and its retail sales may just be a small part of its business. This is a good sign since a wholesale company will only be able to scale if its business clients keep on ordering products. It also means Caliper has the technology and resource to produce quality CBD. The company also offers a complete refund for customers not happy with their order. This is another good assurance that Caliper is confident that they have a good product.

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