AirVape Review

AirVape is one of the more popular brands when it comes to vaping devices and for a good reason. This company makes some pretty darn good dry herb vapes that are the perfect combination of cutting edge tech, style, affordability, and reliability. From the looks of it, the company seems to have made good on their promise to deliver “affordable luxury”.  

The company behind AirVape, Apollo, was started back in 2013 by co-founders from another wholesale vape company, Vaporize101. Given their years of knowledge and experience in the industry, it’s not surprising that the Apollo was able to deliver a line of highly desirable vape devices.

The products 

Airvape has presently chosen to focus on a small line of dry herb vaporizers. They basically carry only 4 products, with two having just a slight variation from each other. But the whole lineup covers pretty much all the options that a vaper might be looking for: smaller form factor, battery life, temperature, capacity, etc. What all the devices have in common though is that they are all very attractive yet ruggedly constructed. 

The AirVape X

The AirVape X and X SE/AE models are made with a steel casing that comes in a variety of dark metallic shades with a 1.3 in display that gives it an ultra-modern look. Apollo uses a ceramic heating chamber for all models except for the Legacy, which uses a gold-plated chamber. All models can also use loose leaf and oil concentrates except for the smaller Xs Go. These flagship models measure only 0.48″ flat and weigh 3.2 oz and the company claims to be the “thinnest” vaporizers to offer fast heating technology in a lightweight package. 

Both the AirVape X SE and X models use a ceramic mouthpiece while the X AE (Artist Edition) uses a wooden mouthpiece for a more organic feel. All X models come with a smell-proof, water-resistant protecting case. It even comes with an oil-based marker so you can personalize your case with your own design. 

Being an eye-candy is all well and good but how do the AirVape X vaporizer models perform. The company claims the X can hit optimal heating levels (up to 200 F – 428 F or 93 C – 220 C) in around 20 seconds. Battery life is also decent at 1300 mAh. It’s really difficult to find any faults on the AirVape X given that it starts at $139. The only difference with the X SE, which comes at $199, is that it comes in Silver and Gold finishes, includes a 2500 mAh power bank, a water bong attachment, and an extra mouthpiece base + ceramic airflow box. 

Meanwhile, the Artist Edition comes in a Rose Gold finish and includes a replacement ceramic mouthpiece and white marker for the X Shell. Additionally, Apollo pledges part of the AE’s sales to ART420, a company that supports cannabis users through fine art projects.

The AirVape Xs Go

If you’re looking for a smaller, more discreet AirVape vaporizer, then the Xs Go is for you. It can fit comfortably in just about any pocket since it measures only 3.8″L x 1″W x 1.3″H and weighs a mere 2 oz. Though made mostly of ABS plastic, the Xs Go’s dark, sleek and modern look carries the same aesthetic pedigree of its other AirVape siblings. 

Unlike the X Series and the Legacy, the Xs Go only allows you to cook only loose leaf with 5 set temperature options: 355, 375, 390, 405, and 420 F. But this small guy still packs a 1200 mAh battery, which is more than enough for this kind of vape. 

The AirVape Legacy

The Legacy is AirVape’s top of the line model. Priced at $249, its a vaporizer that’s built performance. Comparing the design of the X Series to the Legacy is like comparing a sports car to a limo. Although not as sleek, the Legacy is designed with hemp-based textile, vegan leather, black ceramic, and 24K gold plating that screams luxury. It also packs a removable 18650, 3600 mAh battery which can be charged via USB-C fast charging or wireless charging. This limo, however, heats up 5 seconds faster to a higher optimal temperature (440 F) than the X Series. Apollo really spared no expenses for the Legacy since it also uses a gold plated heating chamber and comes with an optional gold-plated basket for microdosing. 

AirVape OM

Lastly, we have the AirVape OM. These are Apollo’s offerings for the concentrate atomizers category. Like all other AirVape products, the OM Series isn’t lacking in the style department despite its affordable price tag of $69. The OM also comes in a leather or carbon trim for $99. With a 350 mAh battery, these vape bullets use a dual coil atomizer within a steel shell. If you want to give your OM a “full metal jacket” get the OM Basik for only $29.99


You really can’t go wrong with any of these vapes since AirVape has consistently gotten rave reviews online. If the price is more of a consideration for you over style, then there are other cheaper brands than AirVape. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better at all aspects at the AirVape X’s price range, especially since all of their products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


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