CBD Learning Base is a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to educating consumers by providing accurate, research-based information on cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis-related topics.

CBD Learning Base was founded in 2020 by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who recognized the massive potential of CBD and cannabinoids for improving the lives of both healthy individuals and those suffering from conditions not effectively addressed by conventional modern medicine.  

Our goal is to provide CBD facts based on information from scientific studies and credible news sources so that the general public can make safer and well-informed health decisions.  

We focus on facts

 We believe in the health benefits of CBD and its further potential but also acknowledge its known side effects and the possibility that more may be uncovered by future studies. We write our articles based on established facts from clinical studies, government publications, and reliable news sources but also taking into account verifiable anecdotal evidence based on user experience. We also aim to collect, aggregate, and publish data from users to determine patterns supporting or disproving CBD’s efficacy.

We want to help users

We recognize that there is a scarcity of reliable information related to CBD and consumers may also find existing information online to be conflicting or difficult to understand. We seek to deliver accurate and reliable information on CBD that the average consumer can understand so they can be empowered to make better health choices.

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to contact us below anytime with questions or comments. You can also reach us at CBDLearningBase at Gmail dot com =)